Are You Homeless in Nashville?

I might be able to help. I am a homeless outreach specialist and national trainer of outreach workers. I have been on the streets of Nashville for the past two years and have access to a host of services and information that may be of use to you if you are homeless or about to become homeless.

This blog will help you identify where I might be at, what I might be able to do for you, what services may be available to you here in Nashville and where you can find the important stuff to get you through your days and nights on the streets of this city.

The information on this page is only a partial listing of the services and resources available to individuals experiencing homelessness. New services and resources are becoming available in 2009 so please don't get discouraged if you don't see what you're looking for here. It may very well be available but simply not listed yet here.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Showers, Laundry & Bathrooms

NOTE: Nashville has very few of these resources and the waits for showers and laundry can often be very long.

Campus For Human Development
532 8th Ave S: 257-9791
Toilets & showers
Nov. 1 through March 31: Sunday through Saturday from 6-730a
April 1 through Oct. 31: Monday through Friday from 6-730a

Community Care Fellowship (Ken & Carol's)
511 S 8th St: 227-1953
Toilets, showers & laundry (two loads per person -35lbs total)
Monday through Friday from 8:30-930a

Nashville Rescue Mission
639 Lafayette St: 780-9460
Toilets & showers

Oasis Center (runaway & homeless teens)
1415 17th Ave S: 327-4455
Toilets & showers

Park Center 579-9510 (must be referred by member of outreach team to use these facilities)
801 12st Ave South
Nashville, TN 37203
Laundry, toilets, showers
By referral

(Very Important Note: The majority of downtown Nashville businesses do not typically allow free access to restrooms. Also, wearing/carrying a backpack often indicates to them that you are homeless, even if you are not. If you are able to use a business restroom, please do so with courtesy and respect and leave it as clean upon your exit as it was when you entered. Public buildings, such as the downtown library, typically allow about the only unfettered access to the restrooms in the city, but again, please be respectful of the business's facility and conduct yourself as if it was your mother's "guest" bathroom - leave it clean, flushed and sparkling whenever possible. Your conduct dictates whether it will be available for yourself and others in the future.)


Timothy Dale Edwards said...

Hey Steve.My name is Tim and I was homeless in Houston Texas for about four-and-one-half years.I just recently sobered up and am coming to an oxford house in Nashville.I am very impressed by what you have done here...wish Houston had something like this in2004 when I hit the streets.Hope you keep it up.Best wishes and God bless.

Steven said...

Hi Tim - I'm wondering if I know you from another site - ptb - folks that really helped you get off the street....

If so, would you get in touch w me when you land? I'd love to speak w you and if you're interested, would enjoy writing a story in the homeless newspaper here in nashville for you....